State Funds Allocated For Music: $0.00 /year

Loveland Music Boosters Fundraisers in 2016: $49,000

The Loveland City School District has only one primary source of income to support its music programs: the Loveland Music Boosters. This non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is in charge of fundraising and providing financial support and assistance for the Loveland City School District music programs.

While the Loveland Music Boosters need over $60,000 per year to accomplish their goal, the state provides none of this, forcing them to organize and run their own fundraisers every year. If the state provided even half of this number, the parents and teachers involved in the Boosters could dedicate this time and effort to the music programs themselves.

The graph above highlights the dramatic decrease in funds raised in fundraisers, as well as the increse in required expenses for the school's music programs. Over 37% of Loveland High School's student body is involved in music, and this number is only increasing. The funding and number of programs we have now is barely enough to maintain the demand caused by the large influx of students into the various ensembles.

The school has a limited pool of instruments, uniforms, and equipment available to students. As these age, they need to be repaired or replaced, however, LHS has limited funds and availability to allocate to repairs and replacements because of the shortage in funding.

Loveland High School has a wide variety of music ensembles, drastically ranging in size and prominence. The Loveland Show Choirs recieve a whopping 38.8% of our school's music funding-- around $20,000 per year. By contrast, the Loveland Intermediate School is only allocated under 1% of the budget. If the Loveland School District recieved funding from the State of Ohio to support its music programs, it could offer the same opportunities and support to all of its ensembles.