Music is a vital part of a well-rounded student's life and education.
Many schools are being forced to reduce or even eliminate their music programs. We cannot afford to allow this to continue, because schools are losing not only an enjoyable subject, but an experience that nurtures and enriches students’ lives and education. By encouraging students, parents, and educators to engage in music together, we will fulfill our mission.

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Elementary School

From the youngest ages, music is a part of every child's life. Instead of banging on cheap drums and singing off-key, elementary music programs are expanded to begin real instruments, with real teachers, and immediate results.

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Middle School

Music, being important and beneficial to the development of any student both mentally and artistically, doesn't stop after the fifth grade. Middle school is a time in which music can blossom in the hearts of young instrumentalists, who find their passion in creating and performing music.

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High School

High school music programs nurture and empower the love for music created beforehand. They are large and robust, capable of teaching and coaching all students with a passion for music.

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Kids love music programs. Why wouldn't they?

Often, the fondest memories that we can recall from high school involve music. Be it marching band, orchestra, show choir, or another group, music leaves a permanent impact in anyone's life. Instead of cutting funding, we should be doing everything possible to increase musical growth. Music leaves such a great impact on some students that they are compelled to continue beyond school.

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People want music programs. Why wouldn't they?

Music programs in schools are beneficial in every way. Unfortunately, the state does not provide any funding to (our) music programs. State-provided funding or grants would allow our schools to develop existing programs, as well as more projects, ensembles, and ideas – thus meeting the overwhelming popular demand. Loveland High School has multiple awards and recognitions for musical achievements on regional, state, and national levels. The LHS By Request Show Choir was ranked #29 in the nation this year

95% of Americans consider music to be part of a well-rounded education, and 93% feel that schools should offer music education as part of the regular curriculum. Nearly four in five (79%) even say that music education should be mandated for every student in school.

Source: Gallup poll.

Music Programs lead to drastically improved SAT scores. They're that cool.

Studies show that participation in a music program by high school students significantly increases standardized test scores, such as SAT and ACT. Source