Programming Portfolio

Throughout my life, I've been a programmer. Like everone else, I've created my fair share of "fun" projects and experiments, but I am proud of my ability to focus my programming skills on practical, problem-solving applications, and to enhance the learning of myself and others in my classes.

For the Community:

As a firm believer that technology exists to solve problems, my portfolio spans a variety of projects I've created to improve the community around me.

TechOlympics 2018 Screenshot

TechOlympics 2018 Website

TechOlympics is the nation's largest student-run high school tech conference, organized yearly by the INTERalliance. It's a $200,000 event, with over 500 students participating every year. I built the entire TechOlympics website, including custom implemented registration workflows for students, volunteers, faculty members, speakers, VIP's, and more.

Project Purple

Using VR to improve treatment for Amblyopia (lazy eye). Prototype/idea won first place overall at the RevolutionUC hackathon, and I'm currently continuing its development.

Music in Schools

For my American Government class' community engagement project, I chose to create this website to raise awareness about the lack of state funding for my high school's music programs.



I made this Idea-sharing website at a 3-week IT program at the University of Cincinnati.


Student Organizations

WIP project aiming to create a web application allowing students to browse available clubs and teams, and teachers and administrators to manage their organizations.

For School:

Often, I feel compelled to delve beyond my classroom curriculum, and study concepts and material in greater depth. Naturally, I turn to programming and technology as a method of visualization, computation, simmulation, and presentation. I've made physics simulations using what I learned in class, gone more in-depth than my programming classes, and much more in this section.

N-Body Gravitation

Procedural simulation of the motion of bodies under the influence of gravity, in 2D. Motion is calculated using Newton's 2nd law and the law of universal gravitation.


Refraction Indices

In my physics class, I learned that the refraction index can vary with wavelength and frequency. But I didn't want to stop at the theoretical equation-- I quickly modelled this variation in a C# graphical program, providing myself and the class with an in-depth, hands-on insight into the material.

For Fun:

I love to create side projects for fun. The following is a collection of all sorts of projects I've made, from chat analytics bots to native 3D animations.
Very Cool

Java Rendering Engine

A 3D rendering engine built from scratch, with dynamic lighting, shading, and matrix transformations—just with Swing.


GroupMe Analytics

Performs analytics on GroupMe groups, calculating values such as message count per person, distributions of who liked who's messages, and more.


GUI Framework

I wanted to learn JavaScript, so I taught myself while building a window-based extensible frontend framework. Currently pretty bare-bones, but controls can easily be added and applications built with the powerful structure.


Async WebServer

This was a project inspired by one of Reddit's "Daily Programmer" challenges. It's an asynchronous HTTP web server written in C#.


BF Interpreter

Interpreter for minimal tape-based Turing complete language. This is how I chose to teach myself Python, instead of a "Hello world".