Radu Vasilescu

A strategic, analytical, and creative software developer who combines diverse technical expertise with experience in problem-solving and implementation.

Featured Projects

These are some of my coolest projects.

Use GPT-3 to process human conversations and extract context, identify information that would be useful, and suggest data sources to get that information. Intended for a voice assistant.
Compiler for Tiger language, written in Standard ML for Duke ECE/CS 553: Compiler Construction. The compiler follows the standard flow of lexing, parsing, semantic analysis and type checking, intermediate representation, liveness analysis, and code generation.
C compiler targeting the Duke 250/16 MIPS-like RISC architecture. This was written in C# as a side project to automate creation of tests for a custom CPU developed in a course-related project.


Duke University - Computer Science
Class of 2022, Durham, NC
Computer Science major, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics minor, Innovation & Entrepreneurship certificate
  • Co-founder of Duke University Neural Engineering Undergraduate Union and Journal Club
  • Taken Data Structures and Algorithms, Computer Architecture, Intro to Data Science, Technology Commercialization
  • Member of DUU DevOps committee and Duke Marching Band
Loveland High School -
Class of 2018, Cincinnati, OH
  • 4.44 GPA, Top 1% of class out of 350
  • AP Calculus BC, AP Computer Science A
  • Math Team, school winner of Ameircan Math Competition 10 and 12
University of Cincinnati -
Summer and Fall 2017, Cincinnati, OH
  • College Physics I and Lab course, dual enrollment
  • DITLE three-week intensive program - computer fundamentals, application development, database and networking concepts. Served as TA for other teams and members. Built an idea-sharing website (backend and frontend) as capstone project.


The Audio Described Art Project - Full-Stack Engineer, DevOps Engineer
Nov. 2020 - Present, Durham, NC
  • Led a group of 3 developers to create and deploy a cross-platform mobile app, web app, and server for The Audio Described Art Project, a solution that offers geofence-triggered audio descriptions of public artwork for people who are blind or low-vision. The project was completed over the course of one semester, with a full deployment on the App Store and Google Play store coming this November.
  • Leveraged the Google Cloud Platform to deploy a testing and production environment using a robust CI/CD pipeline and leveraging Docker, resulting in a maintainable and safe deployment workflow. Each component of the project is built with Dart and Flutter, Google's in-house solution for cross-platform mobile apps that powers several products including Google Ads.
  • Practiced Agile and Scrum leadership skills as I served as the Product Owner and Scrum Master for the team, in addition to working as a full-stack engineer. As a result, I feel confident leading a development team through the entire software lifecycle, including ideation, research, user interviews, Agile/sprint workflow, requirements gathering, client interaction, system architecture, implementation, deployment, QA, maintenance, documentation, issue tracking, and security analysis.
Realtime Robotics - Robotics Engineering Intern
Summer 2020, Boston, MA
  • Worked on a development team to help create the future of hardware-accelerated robotics motion planning.
  • Designed and implemented a cutting-edge synchronized runtime system for highly optimized multi-robot choreographies.
  • Created debugging tools using ROS, RViz, and C++ to visualize and monitor multi-robot optimization tasks.
GE Aviation - Digital Technology Intern (Supply Chain)
Summer 2019, Cincinnati, OH
  • Worked on a machine learning system for industrial inspection. Each minute of labor avoided saves over $125k/yr going forward.
  • Designed and implemented a scalable and maintainable high-performance distributed system architecture for load-balancing high-volume DICOM/DICONDE Volumetric-CT scan data among scanners, inspection machines, archives, and other systems. This system led to improved stability and efficiency for an industrial inspection ecosystem supporting thousands of parts weekly in the Turbine Airfoils Value Stream.
  • Rapidly designed and implemented a C# desktop application for managing and tagging scan analysis results for ML model training, resulting in an increasingly large training dataset and improved model accuracy.
  • Led migration to GitHub of turbine airfoils inspection software dev team, and created robust documentation for related tools and ecosystem, facilitating increased productivity, flexibility, and maintainability of software products.
  • Worked directly with an internal customer, often travelling on-location to better understand the customer's needs, leading to a software deployment across several GE shops.
  • Created a Virtual Reality proof-of-concept interface for inspecting volumetric CT scans of additively manufactured turbine blades.
  • Designed and implemented high-performance solutions for evaluating model efficiency using TIBCO Spotfire and R, improving an existing system by delivering powerful visualizations and reports.
GE Aviation - Digital Technology Intern (Cybersecurity - Advanced Detection Solutions)
Summer 2018, Cincinnati, OH
  • Worked on an agile development team supporting cybersecurity tools that protect GE Aviation’s $26 billion annual revenue.
  • Led proof-of-concept to develop machine learning capabilities in identifying malicious emails from 3-4 million emails daily.
  • Delivered productivity enhancements for GE Aviation’s main security alert console, speeding time to triage and resolve potential security threats.
  • Implemented static application security testing (SAST) and addressed code vulnerabilities for security tools.
  • Led evaluation of low-code-no-code solution to speed enhancements of endpoint security solution protecting 45,000+ company laptops, workstations, and shopfloor machines.
  • Developed data analytics using Elasticsearch and Kibana to help security analysts triage tens of thousands of alerts annually.
  • Supported and improved a distributed Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) cluster responsible for managing hundreds of daily security alerts, leading to improved performance and stability.
Project Purple - Lead Programmer
April 2017, Cincinnati, OH
  • Presented at Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, National winner of Young Innovators to Watch scholarship.
  • Winner of the RevolutionUC hackathon from over 40 college teams. Project uses Unity, C#, and the Oculus Rift.
Illumen Media (digital marketing startup) - Full Stack Web Developer
November 2017 – May 2018, Cincinnati, OH
  • Created a fully-featured, large, complex application intended for accountants to manage the workflows of their clients as they step through verifying several documents (built with Django/Python).
  • Worked directly with clients to gather requirements and iterate during the development process, leading to successful delivery and deployment of several website for local Cincinnati businesses.
  • Created and maintained client websites utilizing WordPress, HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, etc.
INTERalliance of Greater Cincinnati - Internal Systems Manager
2017-2018, Cincinnati, OH
  • Created the website for TechOlympics 2018 (http://techolympics.org), the nation’s largest high school tech conference. Created 30+ pages of the website and implemented complex registration workflows supporting over 550 student attendees.
  • As a result, the website reached a 25% conversion rate, quickly and very effectively accomplishing its purpose. At very little cost to the INTERalliance, this year's TechOlympics website was immensely successful and received praise and recognition from several of the attending IT professionals, as well as countless students, faculty members, and volunteers. The website is flexible, scalable, and easy to update, and therefore is being re-used.
  • Responsible for all INTERalliance IT requirements. In charge of INTERalliance website, internal and external communications, accounts, and internal software.
Campus Enterprises LLC - Backend Developer (BlueTech)
Jan 2019 - Apr 2019, Durham, NC
  • Worked closely with a team of developers to create a web application leveraging psychometric analysis to determine financial loan eligibility for individuals in Nigeria, leading to a successful delivery of software to an external customer.
  • Leveraged Django/Python to create a RESTful API constituting the backend of the application, while contributing and maintaining the React-based frontend.
Duke University Union (DUU) - Web Designer
Jan 2019 - Mar 2019, Durham, NC
  • Member of the Duke University Union DevOps committee, designed, created, and maintains the DUU website (duuke.org), providing information about Duke's largest event programming organization.